Leuk dat je er bent!

Slab verhaal


Using baby talk to our little ones: it's what we do best.
Our voices go up 3 octaves, and we manage to turn any normal word into its baby version!
Children aren't in ‘pain’, they've got a ‘boo-boo’, they often go ‘sleep-sleep’ and their food is ‘yummy-wummy.” Nothing wrong with that, of course, but it’s still bib-y talk.

Slab verhaal

Taking it up a peg.

Slab Verhaal (Bib’s the Word) was born of the astonishment felt by two mothers.
Women who saw other women around them change, into idolising, applauding, ego-stroking and lenient mothers.
Other women shrieked and the eyebrows of the two mothers peaked.

Because: why???

Had they missed something? Was there a secret book of unwritten rules for mum-vocabulary they didn’t know about?
They didn’t understand. Because why would your husband or partner, who was a real adult the last time we checked, go to ‘workie-poos’ all of a sudden?
Didn’t he just go to work before?
And, is a ‘little sleep’ more beneficial than a normal nap?

You catch our drift - amazement galore.
They're not about putting others down. But a bit of mirroring and definitely not taking yourself too seriously, that is right up their alley.
And that’s how Slab Verhaal (Bib’s the Word) came about! It’s bib and it’s clever, for sure.