Leuk dat je er bent!

Very Potter

Very Potter

Very mooi, very eerlijk en very leuk!

We design and produce flowerpots that are very pretty, very fair and very nice to receive!
A pot from Very potter is a very good idea for e-very-one!

Our plant pot producer Van der Sar Import is always looking for greener, more socially involved and more sustainable manufacturing processes.
The most creative and innovative plant pots for gifting are born out of our close collaborations!



It’s always great to receive a bunch of flowers with a sweet card, but flowers don’t last very long.
A little plant in a pot as a gift is a great idea and can be enjoyed for ages.
The Very Potter plant pots are developed with one goal in mind: we want to put a smile on the recipient’s face!
Because a smile makes every person even more beautiful.

Words that speak for you

Our plant pots take the words right out of your mouth!
Whether you want to say thanks or congratulations, or send some positive thoughts.
There is a plant pot for every occasion.

Business gifts

Our plants pots are great business gifts too!
We can adapt the text to send the right message to your customers or employees.


Van der Sar Import takes care of the sales and logistics of all Very Potter products for us.
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Very Potter