Leuk dat je er bent!

Giving is more fun | about the platform

Giving is more fun!

Yes! It is the best... at least, that's what we think. And we’re pretty sure we're right! Just try it: carefree giving and living will turn you into a happy and free person! With our ‘geven is leuker’ platform, we build bridges between givers and receivers, but in a way that turns the receiver into a giver as well!


What do we do?

We develop creative concepts, usually focussed on the gift sector.


How do we do this?

We upgrade existing products with a strong brand, the right appearance, a good website and social media. On top of that, we look for the right market for the product.

Give me the short version!

OK, an example: A baker has been selling delicious Dutch butter cake to all his local customers for years.
This particular butter cake is SO good, it deserves a wider audience.
We decide to transform this cake into a ‘cake gift’. A sweet celebration by post.
We develop a logo, packaging, a website. We search for the right partner who can sell this cake throughout the Netherlands.
The result: the baker now sells 1000 butter cakes every week, instead of the 100 he used to sell. He’s happy, they’re happy, we’re all happy.

How does the revenue model work?

We bear the main share of the development costs, and make agreements about licences or profit margins for each product.
So, the producer’s outlay is minimal, even if the concept turns out to be less successful than expected.

Great story, but what about ‘gifting’?

In many cases, we turn an everyday object, food or item of clothing into a perfect gift.
What’s more, 10% of our profits are donated to foundations that support promising and inspiring projects here and abroad.
It means that anyone who sells, buys or receives a ‘better to give’ item joins the ranks of giver!


We know that the word ‘sustainability’ is the biggest cliché buzzword around.
Like a magic word: sustainability - abracadabra, we’re onto a winner. There is a common understanding that as long as something’s ‘sustainable’, it’s great.

Luckily, this is true in most cases. But we are more interested in whether something is humane and decent:
just because something’s described as sustainable does not mean it also embodies compassion.
If a product is manufactured using a CO2-neutral process but those who make it are grossly underpaid, there is nothing sustainable about the product!
For us, sustainability is about sustainable relationships; treating others the way you wish to be treated yourself.
Living by this principle also involves a healthy dose of care and respect for the environment. After all, who would want to leave others with a mess you created?

The products we develop as part of the ‘better to give’ range have compassion, decency and humanity at their core.
Where, how and by whom are the items made? These are the answers that are genuinely important to us.

It is not possible to take a peek behind the scenes at every producer (yet), and sometimes we have to use good faith and common sense.
But we are working towards being able to say with certainty that every product has been
manufactured 100% humanely!

Now that’s what we call a sustainable objective!

This really is a great story! Could you add value to my business too?

You never know, we might! Call, e-mail or pop in. We’ve got great coffee and even greater cake!




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